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What is CEREC?

CEREC is a strong durable metal free restoration of your tooth.

Why get a same day crown?

CEREC technology allows for a crown to be fitted in a single visit. Your dentist has complete control of the shape, contour and fit of the CEREC crown.

What are the benefits of having this treatment?

Rather than having a temporary crown and waiting weeks for the lab to produce your restoration, you can relax in the comfort of our patient lounge and your restoration will be ready in less than an hour.

How many visits does CEREC require?

Cerec crowns are carried out in one single visit.

What Costs are Involved in Same Day Crowns?

£500, this is the very latest technology used to provide no metal pure porcelain crowns. Fees for cerecs are less for our registered Quayside Membership Plan patients.

Patient's general comment:

My Cerec crown feels, looks and has all the benefits of my natural tooth, it was convenient to have this all completed in one visit – less time off work.



Rather than having a temporary crown and waiting weeks for the lab to produce your restoration, you can relax in the comfort of our patient lounge and your restoration will be ready in less than an hour. Precision and accuracy We will use a digital camera to scan your mouth at an almost microscopic level. This ensures your CEREC pure porcelain restoration is a perfect and precise fit.


This technology means no more unpleasant impressions, just relax while the dentist uses the highly accurate digital camerato record a precise electronic impression of your teeth.


The restorations are metal free, so they are completely tooth coloured and mimic the tooth structure being replaced. This is the most natural and tooth friendly way of replacing lost enamel.


The initial cost of having a CEREC restoration is effectively an investment. The restoration is such a precise fit that it will offer protection to the tooth and should prevent further more costly treatments in the future.

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I am not a lover of dentists as are quite a number of people, I know from the moment I entered Quayside I had made the right decision. The welcoming staff, so friendly and helpful and Peter who gave me loads of support and re-assurance. I have never felt better. I have grown in confidence and my self –esteem has been boosted. At the age of 62 I feel absolutely fantastic about my teeth now and would recommend Quayside Dental to anyone, I wish I had done it sooner!

Linda from L/Derry
For years I tolerated dentures falling out every time I had something to eat, having to remove them and put them in my bag rather suffer the embarrassment of people seeing them fall out of my mouth. I can smile now because I am not conscious of people knowing I’ve got false teeth. I am extremely happy with my new teeth and would not hesitate in recommending Quayside, I felt very comfortable every time I visited the surgery by a team who were always courteous and friendly.
Celia from Greencastle, Donegal

No more embarrassing episodes with plates moving and breaking. I can eat apples whilst walking, with no knife required to slice it up first.

There was a bit of pain and some discomfort but not anywhere near as much as I expected. Local anaesthetic and follow up painkillers were adequate to deal with this and I never needed to take more than a day out of work at any stage.

I think it was money well spent and I wish I could have done this year ago.

Derek from Derry
I had problem teeth and an awkward bite, a friend recommended Peter at Quayside Dental to me to see if he could help. Peter provided an excellent consultation in which I was able to say that I wanted as natural look as possible. As you can see I am more than pleased with the results and I am now smiling more than I ever did in my life and enjoying it ! I am no longer self conscious of my teeth when talking, smiling and laughing. I can whole heartedly recommend Peter and his team at Quayside!
Sharon from Derry
Listen to what Mary say's about Cerec


With this advanced system, we can quickly restore damaged teeth, using permanent natural-coloured ceramic restorations.

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