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Dental pain can be eased with painkillers (ibuprofen or Solpadine). Always follow the directions on the packet or by the pharmacist. Phone the dentist as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.


This can be caused by infection from an abscess. Most common treatment for this is an antibiotic which can be prescribed by a dentist/doctor. Pain relief can also be taken (see above).

Contact your dentist for an appointment, but if you experience difficulty with breathing or swallowing you should go straight to hospital.

Crown and Bridge problems

When a crown/bridge comes out the most common mistake people make is to try to replace it with superglue. Please do not attempt this!

You can buy temporary cement from the chemist until you can get an appointment to attend the surgery. If you still have the crown keep it safe until your appointment

Broken denture

Again do not attempt to repair the denture with superglue! Usually a denture can be fixed by a lab technician within one day. Make an appointment with the practice as soon as possible and keep any broken parts of the denture for your appointment.

Broken tooth/filling

Usually if this happens a sharp edge can irritate your tongue, you can purchase temporary filling material at most chemists until you can get an appointment to have this repaired.

Try to avoid eating with the side of the mouth that the broken filling is on. You may also need to avoid very hot/cold liquids if you are experiencing sensitivity from the particular area.

Extreme Emergencies

In the event of an extreme dental emergency where you have missed the emergency services for that particular day please go to your local A&E.

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